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Corporate Management



Mr. AKM Shariful Islam is a competent and dynamic personality who is acknowledged for his exemplary contribution to the field of Insurance. In a very brief duration, he has managed to reach the upper echelons of his field through constant hard work and perseverance. The year 1985 marked the inception of his career as he joined Jiban Bima Corporation as a Junior Officer where he received extensive training on computer programming like COBOL and Fortran as well as various aspects of Life Insurance.  

In 1988 he joined Delta Life Insurance Company as an Executive officer. Within a short span of time, he was promoted to the position of Senior Executive. Due to his exemplary service and integrity, he was further promoted to Assistant Vice President and Vice President respectively. He played a significant role in obtaining Bangladeshi Expatriate Wage Earners’ Group Insurance through which the company earned a premium of around Tk 350 million in two years.

Mr. Islam joined National Life Insurance Company in 1998 as Vice President and Head of Group Insurance Department. By virtue of his commendable contribution to the company’s growth, he got promoted to the position of Senior Vice President shortly. His leadership skills were corroborated as he successfully shouldered the responsibility of the HR Head of the company, Group Insurance Development, Policy Servicing, and Development Administration Department. Furthermore, he successfully reformed the Group Insurance department and introduced Health & Overseas Insurance Scheme.

He joined Golden Life Insurance in the year 2011 as Deputy Managing Director. The Board of Directors was thoroughly impressed by his remarkable leadership and promoted him to the prestigious position of Additional Managing Director in less than a years’ time. He joined Diamond Life Insurance Company as the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director in the year 2014. As Managing Director he strived round the clock to guide the company towards new heights of success.

He joined Sunlife Insurance Company on 4th June 2017 as Chief Executive Officer.

From his early life, he was involved in various extra-curricular activities which include the prestigious Film Society Movement. He represented the country in FICC Grand Assembly held in Czechoslovakia in the year 1987. He also performed Jury responsibilities in the following international festivals:

  • Gent International Film Festival held in Belgium in 1988.
  • London Film Festival in the year 1988.
  • Leipzig International Festival in Germany 2002.
  • Tromso International Film Festival held in Norway in 2006.
  • Festival of Film Clubs held in Italy 2003 & 2004
  • Hyderabad International Film Festival held in India 2008.

Besides Jury Duty, his achievements  pertaining to the Film Society Movement are as follows:

  • Represented the country in FICC Grand Assembly held in Czechoslovakia in 1987.
  • Visited Paris on the invitation of the French Film Institute in 1988.
  • Visited Stockholm on the invitation of the Swedish Film Institute.
  • Attended Grand Assembly of FICC held in Italy in 2007.

Mr. Sharif has volunteered service as vice chairman to Social Upliftment Network(SUN) founded by Founder & Chairman Actuary Shafqat Ahmed Chaudhari.

He is married and blessed with two children. Mrs. Islam completed her Honors and Masters in Philosophy from Dhaka University. She is currently working as an Assistant Professor in a university-college in Dhaka.

Additional Managing Director & CFO


Additional Managing Director

Mr. S M Aslam Reza

Md. Shahidul Islam

Mr. Md. Shahidul Islam is a renowned corporate leader in the life insurance sector of Bangladesh. Mr. Islam started his career with National Life Insurance Company Ltd. as well as Sandhani Life Insurance Company Ltd. and worked for a long period holding different portfolios. Later he worked for Homeland Life Insurance Company Ltd. He joined Sunflower Life Insurance Company Ltd. as Deputy Managing Director. He worked for Chartered Life Insurance Company Ltd. as Additional Managing Director as well as Chief Executive Officer (Current Charge).

Mr. Islam completed his masters from a reputed university and has participated in different local and international training programs on life insurance. He is engaged in various socio-cultural activities. He is a human rights work as well.

Mr. Islam is serving Sunlife Insurance Company Ltd. as Additional Managing Director.

Deputy Managing Director & Company Secretary

Mr. Md. Rabiul Alam, FCS

Sr. Asst. Managing Director


Mrs. Sumona Parvin (ADORSHA BIMA)

Asst. Managing Director

Mr. Shahedur Rahman Khan (F & A, Micro Bima)

Mr. Md. Shahadat Hossain Shohag

Mr. A K M Mirjahan Chowdhury

Mr. Md. Sakin Ahmed

Mr. Md. Saiful Islam

Sr. Executive Director

Mr. Humayun Kabir (ICT & MIS)

Sr. General Manager

Mr. Sonamuddin (Audit & Inspection)

Mr. Sabuj Talukder (PI Lokomukhi)

General Manager

Mr. Md. Enamul Haque Chowdhury (HRD)

Sr. Deputy General Manager

Mr. Md. Abdul Aziz

Mr. Md. Rajibul Hasan