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Three Payment Assurance (with bonus) – Plan 07

তিন কিস্তি বীমা- (বোনাস যুক্ত) - পরিকল্প ০৭ Download

Anticipated Endowment plans have unique feature where a part of the sum assured is paid at certain intervals during the term of the policy and the balance of the sum assured together with the accrued bonus at maturity.

The life assured continues enjoying the life cover such that in the event of death at any time during the term of the policy i.e., before the maturity date, full sum assured is payable without any deduction of installments paid earlier. Anticipated Endowment 3 payments, which has three payouts.

Typical maturities are 12,15,18,21 or 24 Years. The Age of the insured must not exceed 65 years at maturity.
Supplementary such as DAB, PDAB covers available with this plan.
This is a modified form of endowment assurance and is also called 'Three Payment Assurance'. Besides fulfilling the long-term financial needs, it also helps in meeting the short-term financial exigencies.  As the name suggests, the plan offers three payments throughout term of the policy.

  1. The plan offers survival benefits equal to 25% of sum insured on completion of 1/3rd and 2/3rd term of the policy.  
  2. If the life insured expires during term of the policy, sum insured, accrued bonuses, unclaimed survival benefits are payable.